Prevention Is Better Than Cure Discursive Essay Writing

General Tips For Creating An Essay On Why Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Prevention is Better than Cure is a common title for essays in different levels. Since this is a common title, it is likely to cause problems to many writers. It appears obvious and will therefore be confusing or lead to laxity in expression of your ideas. However, it is still possible to write an excellent paper on the topic if you follow the following tips.

Imagine An Audience

Forget that the paper is meant for your teacher and create an imaginary audience. The audience could be children in fourth grade, high school, university, etc. You may also consider addressing yourself to leaders in your country. Another possibility is an address to world leaders, for example at the UN. Each of these groups will require a different approach in terms of language, examples and perspective. It is the nature of your audience that will dictate your approach.

Prepare Good Examples

Unlike a literary critique or analysis essay where support materials are obtained from a set book or procedure, this title demands thoughtful examples from you. The examples will still be shaped by your pseudo audience. The illustrations given to world leaders differ significantly from those that can make sense to grade four pupils. This calls for examples that are relevant to the title and the audience addressed by your paper.

Stick To Writing Rules

Standard writing rules must be adhered to at all times. These rules include an indicative and captivating introduction, justifiable points in the body and a conclusion that summarizes all your points effectively. A consistent formatting style should be adopted to avoid confusion and allow the reader to concentrate on your arguments in the paper. The ideas presented in your paper should follow a logical order. Use the strong points at the beginning and at the end. Do not introduce new facts at the conclusion. Other requirements indicated by your teacher must also be followed.

Remember To Edit

Set aside time to edit your essay before submission. Editing should focus on typographical errors and grammar, among other areas. Editing also ensures that there is a logical flow in your arguments. The current point should be a continuation of the previous on and an indicator of what to follow.

A common topic is very tricky when writing an essay. The secret is to summon all your creativity to give the paper a unique perspective. Endeavor to make the paper as interesting as possible.

Composing A Strong Essay On Why Prevention Is Better Than Cure

If you are a medical student, this topic will make more sense to you than anyone else. Basically, this is a compare and contrast essay whose key aim is to evaluate the key differences between the two parameters and then ultimately taking a side, which in this case is in favor of the prevention. If you are set to compose a winning text on the same, you can simply cohere to the rules that follow.

Read the question carefully

Most of the good performing students tend to put maximum concentration when they read the question initially. This may seem usual but it is an important aspect. It helps you notice the areas of the question which needs more stress. In case you think there is need for clarification, let it be known to the lecturer.

Start early and brainstorm

Basically, settling relatively earlier than the usual time will enable you have ample time to list down all the points. If you are uncertain, read the resource material once more and note down the points in a systematic order. With ample time at your disposal, you will be able to list down all the possible reasons which qualify prevention to be better than cure.

Formulate a thesis

Your introduction section should have a thesis statement which is the central idea upon which the entire content is built on. It should be more specific and should depict the side which you have taken with regards to the topic. Generally, you should stress on employing an attention-grabbing tone which can enable the reader to enjoy and be more involved in the course of reading your work. This is the foundation of attracting good marks for your paper.

Craft the body paragraphs

These are the bulk of your content. Body paragraphs will justify the topic and convince the reader why you decided to pick on the side which you settled down with. This means that, your contrasting points should be more inclined towards the side so as to give more weight to the prevention side.

Strongly back up the points

You may be having excellent arguments but without supporting them adequately, everything turns down to zero. All you ought to do is to recall the specific examples, quotes, ideas and opinions drawn from the primary texts. Employ them in justification of each point you present.

Conclude your work

In composing the conclusion, your lecturer will want to see a summary of all the points given in the initial body section. Any recommendations available can as well be given.

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