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Case Title:

Global Data Research Centre: The Knowledge (Mis)Manager

Publication Month and Year :  June 2009

Authors:  Deepti Srikanth & Vara Vasanthi under the guidance of Dr. Nagendra V. Chowdary

Industry:  Not Applicable

Region: US

Case Code:  OB0002

Teaching Note:  Available

Structured Assignment:  Not Available


This case was written to trigger an interesting discussion over a simple, yet thought-provoking concept - It is imperative to hire or appoint managers with the apt skills and competencies to meet the changing demands of an organisation and to ensure long-term success. Established in 2000, Global Data Research Centre (GDRC) strived towards delivering high-quality case studies in the field of business management. Under the leadership of its director, Sunil Verma (Verma), the company had emerged as an organisation known for developing and delivering high-quality case studies. Backed by the performance of its five case writing teams, GDRC had presented itself as a result-driven organisation. However, in 2008, the top management at GDRC decided to add three new teams, offering case studies in the fields of Financial Management, Quantitative Techniques and Management Accounting. Additionally, to ensure high-quality performance, the top management decided to hire new team leaders and team members, possessing relevant domain knowledge and experience. However, these new teams failed to live up to the desired expectations. The inability to adjust to the demands of their new roles hampered the performance of these teams. Additionally, education from reputed institutes combined with work experience in renowned organisations, added to the superiority complex of these new team leaders. Owing to the ego clashes with the new team leaders, even the existing teams started faltering in their targets. Verma who was supposed to guide these team leaders failed to find an appropriate solution to the problems at GDRC. Will GDRC be able to revive its declining performance? Is replacing Verma the apt solution for this ailing company?

Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand the roles and responsibilities of a manager
  • To analyse what qualities and competencies must be considered in choosing a manager
  • To debate on whether a manager’s role affects the performance of an organisation.

Keywords :  Organisational behaviour, Manager, Management roles, Informational roles, interpersonal roles, decisional roles, Management skills, technical skills, human skills, conceptual skills, Management functions, planning, organising, leading, controlling, Organizational Behavior, OB, Organizational Behavior case study, Motivation Case Study, MBA, MBA Program, Course Mapping

  • Case Development Process at GDRC
  • Team-wise Educational and Professional Qualifications of the New Hires
  • Educational and Professional Qualifications of the Exiting Five Team Leaders

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